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Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-Waste

Sacramento City and County residents can utilize our HHW and E-Waste site to dispose of containers of paint, cleaners and automotive supplies as well as home electronics.

California law prohibits the disposal of these materials in the trash or recycling. Disposing chemicals, paints and other HHW materials in the trash and recycling endangers workers and is extremely harmful to the environment.

At SRT, we properly dispose of your items or prepare them for recycling. We also have a Reuse Area where you can find used paints and other supplies for your home improvement projects.

Here’s a list of accepted items:

   • all-purpose cleaners
   • anti-freeze
   • ammonia
   • automotive chemicals
   • batteries
   • brake fluid
   • chlorine bleach
   • cooking oil
   • furniture polish
   • gasoline

   • disinfectants
   • drain opener
   • herbicides
   • insecticides
   • motor oil
   • oil filters
   • oven cleaner
   • paints - oil based & latex
   • paint-related solvents
   • partially full aerosol cans

   • pesticides
   • poisons
   • pool chemicals

   • Propane gas cylinders
   • rubber cement
   • rug cleaner
   • silver polish
   • solvents
   • toilet bowl cleaner
   • tub/tile cleaner
   • unlabeled paint

The following items are NOT accepted:

   • ammunition 
   • asbestos
   • biohazards
   • compressed gas cylinders

   • explosives
   • radioactive materials
   • treated wood waste
   • medications



HHW and E-Waste tip:

Follow these tips for packaging and transporting your HHW materials:

  • Keep products in original containers
  • If container is leaking, place in larger plastic container with tight-fitting lid
  • Secure products upright in cardboard box
  • Never transport products in passenger compartment of car or truck

Keep flammables out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat, spark, flame or ignition.

Did You Know?

SRT diverts about 10,000 pounds of the HHW materials each month. Those materials are either recycled or placed in our Reuse Area, where you can visit to pick up paint, cleaners and other household products for FREE!